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Bio-medicine Center


The "BioMedizinZentrumDortmund" (BMZ) offers young business firms and startups in the areas of bio-medicine, bio-informatics, proteomics and bio-microstructure techniques an attractive infrastructure within which they can implement their ideas and concepts. In its role as one of the competence centres belonging to the "TechnologyZentrumDortmund" it supports technology transfer from academic and scientific establishments in the region, and promotes interdisciplinary exchanges and collaboration between various research and development areas, in cooperation with the Max Planck Centre for Molecular Physiology.

By focussing on the interface between bio-technology and microsystems techniques in combination with bio-informatics and medical informatics, the BMZ is able to bundle the region's strengths. Thus the BMZ makes a fundamental contribution to developing new top-quality technology and products in Dortmund. http://www.bmz-do.de/


Training events and business breakfasts are provided to the tenants at frequent intervals. At least twice a month specialists for certain topics – such as lawyers, consultants or business economists – are invited in order to give qualified information to the mostly technical orientated young companies.

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This is just one of the services which our satisfied tenants profit from.