The e-port-dortmund is a startup and competence centre for logistics and information technology at the harbour in Dortmund. It promotes re-locations of innovative startup businesses and existing firms in the logistics branch. Tenants can take advantage of flexible office space, office and network services, advice and support, and a strong network of partners. The nucleus of e-port-dortmund's work, especially in the area of e-logistics, is to initiate and provide a boost to Dortmund's growth branches of logistics and IT in their quest for new horizons.

The e-port-dortmund is an ideal meeting-point for businesses aiming to extend their logistic activities, exploit synergies and play an active role in shaping the logistics branch. Amongst the most important projects undertaken by e-port-dortmund are the "Innovationszentrum Nordstadt", the "3rd Wednesday" contact exchange, and a special prize for innovative logistics.



Training events and business breakfasts are provided to the tenants at frequent intervals. At least twice a month specialists for certain topics – such as lawyers, consultants or business economists – are invited in order to give qualified information to the mostly technical orientated young companies.

The full range of events you only find on the  German site.

This is just one of the services which our satisfied tenants profit from.