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environment technology

Environment technology entails measuring pollutants and environmental damage on the one hand, and dealing with disposal, water, soil, noise and radiation protection, and the effective use of renewable energies on the other hand. It also includes concepts and technical measures to ensure environmentally friendly production, energy-saving measures and the reduction of emissions and waste.

The department of Environmental Technology at the University of Dortmund bundles the environment technology elements of chemical technology. The department conducts research into optimising environmental technology components in power station and waste incineration processes, as well as optimising components for ensuring the cleanliness of air and water. Furthermore it develops tools for product and production-integrated environmental protection.

The Institute for Environmental Research initiates, supports and undertakes interdisciplinary research into environmental protection. The main areas of concentration are environment chemistry and analytical chemistry, providing concepts for the ecological branch, and environmental economics and politics. Furthermore the institute offers services to enable the analysis of substances in soil and water.



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