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Robotics- and Automation-Center (RACe)

Robotics- and Automation Center (RACe)

The "Robotik- und AutomatisierungsZentrum Dortmund (RACe)" is a competence centre promoting the development of a cluster of automation businesses in the Dortmund region. RACe offers a comprehensive range of services, promotes the-foundation of robot and automation firms, and provides assistance in helping them to re-locate to the site. Services also include the provision of a technological infrastructure.

The aim is to construct a regional network of people working in these particular branches, including businesses, universities and polytechnics, research institutes and educational bodies. The Dortmund area has already developed a community of high-tech sites. This forms the nucleus of a cluster of companies in the robotics and automation sector. The community consists of a range of small and medium-size companies, a few system providers and well-known expert scientists.



Training events and business breakfasts are provided to the tenants at frequent intervals. At least twice a month specialists for certain topics – such as lawyers, consultants or business economists – are invited in order to give qualified information to the mostly technical orientated young companies.

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This is just one of the services which our satisfied tenants profit from.