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Nanohale AG to be listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of December 20

With its international development projects now underway, the company already enjoys an extraordinarily favorable market position. Nanohale recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Rostechnologies, the Russian state technology holding company, to establish an international joint venture which will pursue groundbreaking projects. The aim of this cooperation will be to apply the innovative, patent-protected technology from Nanohale to the development of convenient new inhaled forms of administration for widely used medications. By using the company’s naturally biodegradable nanocarriers to deliver medication into the nasal cavity, the new technology stands to provide rapid, effective drug delivery without the discomfort and other drawbacks of needle injections. With its portfolio of patents for special biodegradable polymers, Nanohale is uniquely able to produce nanocomplex structures for the highly targeted delivery of a wide range of drugs.

“Biopharmaceuticals is by far the fastest growing segment of the drug market, with a global market size currently estimated to grow from USD 70 billion to USD 100 billion by 2012. This class of pharmaceuticals will benefit enormously from our nanocarrier-based delivery systems, which offer superior control of medication levels, better patient compliance and minimal side effects, thus boosting product value added,” explained Dr. Combé - CFO Nanohale AG.



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