We offer technology orientated businesses an optimal infrastructure for developing innovative products and services. Structured cabling guarantees the problem-free use of telephone and internet sevices.

The competence centers in the TZDO make laboratory equipment and machines accessible to small and medium-sized businesses to match the specific needs of the users.

The immediate vicinity to institutes, universities, polytechnics and local business promotes cooperations and the franfer of knowledge and know-how.

User-specific equipment (machines, equipment, laboratory facilities, office furnishings and communication equipment etc.) can be obtained and rented via the TZDO GmbH. Please feel free to contact us.

Rainer Große-Kampmann, Tel.: +49-(0)231-9742-116.

Relocate your research and development section into an own site, simulating processes in real-life conditions.

Bernd Meyer, Tel.: +49-(0)171-7425894

Conference offers for tenants and externals



Training events and business breakfasts are provided to the tenants at frequent intervals. At least twice a month specialists for certain topics – such as lawyers, consultants or business economists – are invited in order to give qualified information to the mostly technical orientated young companies.

The full range of events you only find on the  German site.

This is just one of the services which our satisfied tenants profit from.