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Digital.Hub Logistics

In the Digital.Hub Logistics in Dortmund we will accompany and advise you on both the digital transformation of your company and on developing digital business. All this in a region that has already proven how well it deals with structural change and in an environment which benefits from its proximity to Germany's best logistics research facilities. Continue developing your own digital ideas and projects in the Digital.Hub Logistics – fast and effectively! Because digital business works best where there is room for creativity and acting quickly.

Coworking Space: Our Coworking Space is in Dortmund, opposite Fraunhofer IML and very close to Fraunhofer ISST, providing direct access to the test halls and experimental areas, shop floors and laboratories in the two research institutions. The close proximity to the TU Dortmund University LogistikCampus also ensures we have excellent contacts to young logistics talent.


logistics/material flow
technology-oriented services
Contact info
Company name Digital.Hub Logistics
Address Emil-Figge-Str. 76
Zip Code & City 44227 Dortmund
Location TechnologieZentrumDortmund (TZDO)
Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus
Phone +49 231 9743 605
Homepage http://www.digitalhublogistics.de
E-Mail info@digitalhublogistics.de
Contact person
Name Thorsten Hülsmann
E-Mail thorsten.huelsmann@effizienzcluster.de