The e-port-dortmund is a start-up and competence center for logistics and information technology at the harbour in Dortmund. It promotes re-locations of innovative start-up businesses and existing firms in the logistics branch. Tenants can take advantage of flexible office space, office and network services, advice and support, and a strong network of partners. The nucleus of e-port-dortmund's work, especially in the area of e-logistics, is to initiate and provide a boost to Dortmund's growth branches of logistics and IT in their quest for new horizons.

The e-port-dortmund is an ideal meeting-point for businesses aiming to extend their logistic activities, exploit synergies and play an active role in shaping the logistics branch. Amongst the most important projects undertaken by e-port-dortmund are the "Innovationszentrum Nordstadt", the "3rd Wednesday" contact exchange, and a special prize for innovative logistics.