• Support for Business Start-ups

    For a swift developement of research results to marketable products and processes.

support for business start-ups

never alone on the road to your own business

TZDO stands for rapid transfer of research results into marketable products and processes. From the first project idea to final implementation founders will get professional support and assistance. This allows start-ups to fully concentrate on their core activities because centers provide the complete infrastructure of service and advice.

  • Associated membership (post box, services and support - max. 6 months)
  • Application of funding projects
  • Analysing of business plans
  • Telephone and mail services
  • Facility management
  • Information services and events
  • trade fair participation
  • National and international innovation transfer
  • Patents
  • Personnel transfer
  • Pre-Incubator-Center
  • Cleaning, dishwashing and security service
  • Special conditions because of framework agreements
  • Start-up support
  • Business growth
  • Support with capital acquisition


As part of the project tu > startup the TechnologieZentrumDortmund offers a CO-WORKING-office, additionally to the rental of offices (PINC-rooms in the Pre-Incubator-Center). The CO-WORKING-office is a joint office where up to five start-up teams of different fields can work simultaneously for a maximum of 6 months during the set-up and foundation phase. The interdisciplinary of the teams offers the opportunity to mutual exchange, to look at business ideas from various perspectives as well as for possible synergies and motivation incentives. In addition, interested students from the TU Dortmund have the possibility to try out to be company founder by being a „start-up assistant“.

The co-working-office is the ideal complement to the existing sponsorship offer. Users of the CO-WORKING areas benefit from a professional and entrepreneurial environment and receive competent support in the development and application of innovative business ideas.

Start-up-Mentors of the "Technischen Universität Dortmund" and project partners help with the preparation of business plans, the provision of office space, the use of infrastructure, the application for sponsorships, the search for investors or the participation in  start-up-competitions. One room, a lot of founders, even more ideas...  

tu > startup supports students, graduates, scientists as well as other academics of the "Technischen Universität Dortmund" on their way to professional independence.


The target group

  • People interested in setting up their own business
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Scientific staff of all disciplines from research institutes and colleges from Dortmund
  • Future start-up teams/ individual entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas
  • Start-up related project and work groups

Your contact: Martina Blank, TechnologieZentrumDortmund GmbH, Emil-Figge-Str. 76-80, 44227 Dortmund, Tel. +49 231 97 42 - 117, Fax +49 231 97 42 - 395, E-mail: blank@tzdo.de

The offer

  • Use of a shared office
  • Provision of a workplace equipped with telephone, fax, PC, internet, etc.
  • Founder-friendly conditions ( www.tu-startup.de)
  • Flexible rental on daily, weekly or monthly basis / up to a maximum of 6 months
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork in a shared office
  • In-house-communication,  direct proximity to other founders and companies
  • Creative work environment
  • Accompanying interdisciplinary workshops, e.g. in the field of idea development
  • Inclusion in the comprehensive potential of the technology centers (www.tzdo.de) concerning infrastructure, service, and support
  • The co-working-offer is also available in adjacent technology centers in the area of Dortmund, Unna and Hamm (www.tech5plus.de)

Download Flyer Co-Working: Bist du ein Team-Player?

Information about tu-startup TU Dortmund

Pre-Incubator-Center (PINC)

People setting up new businesses receive support in all planning phases from the idea to the foundation by providing the complete infrastructure of service and advice of all our competence centers.

We help you with the preparation of the business plan and support you in choosing the suitable funding programmes. We help you to establish contacts to industry, financial institutions, fund providers, research institutes and universities.

Your contact person: Martina Blank, TechnologieZentrumDortmund GmbH, Emil-Figge-Str. 76-80, 44227 Dortmund, Tel. +49 231 97 42 - 117, Fax +49 231 97 42 - 395,E-mail: blank@tzdo.de

associate use

Associate use can only be provided as a prerequisite for a later tenancy (within 6 months).

This service comprises the following:

  • Business address in the TZDO
  • Central reception service
  • Central post reception
  • Central telephone and fax reception
  • free use / use at a reduced rate of meeting rooms (not for seminars and training)
  • participation in events and seminars
  • mediation of contacts with other businesses in the Center and the Park
  • granting of agreed special conditions by the Technology Center(e.g. hotels, car-rental)

Costs: 130,00 EUR + VAT per month

Martina Blank
Tel.: +49 231 / 9742-117
Fax: +49 231 / 9742-395
E-mail: blank@tzdo.de